Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We love Repettos! The BBs are the best most comfortable ballet flats ever made. Once you wear them you become an addict. I've had women email me and tell me I was right (I love hearing that) and they need another pair, what colors do I have? When I explain this to a neophyte they don't believe me. There's always some eye rolling and they think I'm making this up in order to push them into a sale. They hem, they haw and always remark that they could get ballet flats for a fraction...They ask why are they so expensive? So many questions.
Well they're really not so costly! These are French made shoes that are hand turned,
made out of the butteriest leathers that fit like gloves and have the coolest provenance.
The shoes were named for Brigette Bardot hence the BB!

Audrey Hepburn sported these flats in Funny Face!
Walking in the same shoes that these style icons wore feels good. In fact you don't walk its more like you float. Furthermore, there is no break in time! No pain, no bandaids, no blisters! This company has been making the same fabulous shoes the same way for over 60 years and they've got it down.

The ZZ or Jazz is another iconic shoe that was worn by Monsieur Serge Gainsbourg. He owned 40+ pairs and wore only these shoes! Mon Dieu! it doesn't get cooler than that.
There are other styles but these 2 are the most popular by far.
BTW, I have started ordering and wearing heels from this company and while I am not a heels girl, I can wear them!!! They are not crazy high unwearable go straight to the orthopedist heels, they're comfy for heels.

I always carry a pair of Repetto flats with me when I'm running around in other shoes. They pack well, are light weight so it's no biggie to tote them around. Furthermore should you have to change out of your heels you can look put together without compromising or committing a fashion faux pas.... as these go with everything.

A shoe that does all that at $195 is a friggin' bargain. So don't let me hear that these are so costly cause I'm not buying it! What I will be buying is a new pair of Repettos for the Fall.

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